Using the AVG Support Tool

AVG Antivirus is a reliable antivirus for protecting your PC that offers versatile functions and has excellent test results for virus detection response. In addition to paid services, it also includes a free version, but of course, the main advantages are in the paid service package. In this article, we’ll cover everything there is to know about AVG Antivirus including using the AVG Support Tool.

Is AVG antivirus safe?

AVG became the owner of the largest antivirus company Avast in 2016, so it uses similar technologies in the fight against viruses. AVG perfectly detects and prevents viruses from entering your OS. The most recent testing showed excellent results and detected up to 99.9% of viruses, but at the same time, up to 20 false calls were triggered on the antivirus, and this still needs to be worked on.

AVG Capabilities

Below we will talk about the principle of operation of the AVG and its main functions.

  • Anti-theft phone tracker

With this function, if your phone is stolen or lost, you can easily find it. To configure this function, you must set a PIN code on your phone and select which account to apply this function to, then go to and get permission to control your phone from a distance.

So, you can remotely delete important data from the phone, or change its password, and if you are a paid user, even more, useful functions will be available to you (for example, a sound siren).

  • Protection of confidential data

This feature is available only in a paid package and protects your files by controlling access to them. Thus, if a cybercriminal wants to steal your data, he still cannot get to it. There is also an automatic scan function that will mark your files as “very important” and then all applications will have the most limited access to them.

  • Detection of phishing threats based on artificial intelligence

As a rule, phishing sites use the same structure and principle of operation, and it will not be difficult for artificial intelligence to detect them. AWG does this by checking the domain meta information, and it happens the moment you load the page.

  • Protection against malware

AVG is very careful about virus detection and has multi-layered protection. If the virus manages to bypass the upper level, the antivirus launches a scan from which it is so easy to escape. The only drawback is that the scanning process is too long, and although the developers promised to fix it, there are no changes so far.

Using the AVG Support Tool

The AVG support tool helps you check your device for problems and even gathers the necessary documents to send them to technical support. How to use it:

  • Download (AVG) avast support tool from the official website
  • Run the tool and accept all licenses, then the tool will start collecting data from your PC
  • After the scanning process, click “continue” and following the instructions, fill in the fields with your data
  • To the tool could collect the files it needs, click “create”, wait a few minutes and everything will be ready
  • Before the next use of the program, write down the file ID and its location on your computer
  • Click done and exit the program