Best cloud providers for 2021

Cloud servers are a modern storage solution for most companies, which also guarantees high security and stability. With their help, companies become more flexible and resistant to change, and they help to calculate the costs of business in any area and do everything that would be more profitable, primarily for the entrepreneurs themselves. In the  modern world, there are many providers of cloud servers, but for many years the list of leaders almost does not change. In this article, we will take a look at the best cloud server providers of 2021.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Overview

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the first cloud services company and is now a large corporation that helps your business structure its operations digitally. As of 2018, AWS has become almost omnipresent, but it also has some worthy competitors, so the battle between the best cloud providers promises to be interesting.

But still, because of more experience, ABC has more features to offer to any client with any request. Among the features are:

  • AWS Storage Gateway – a feature with which users can connect their existing storage to the cloud through a single console
  • AWS CloudFormation helps better control stacks and resources of mobile and web applications
  • Collaboration with SaaS company Apptio – so customers can see more of the vendor’s credibility

Microsoft Azure Overview

Microsoft Azure is a major competitor to the previous provider. One of the reasons Azure has been able to catch up and become on par with ABC is its love and zeal to innovate to provide users with the most unique services. The provider provides many servers, as well as Microsoft Azure’s machine learning service, which helps users interact with their machine learning models to the full 100%.

Microsoft Azure doesn’t stand still and tries to get a lot of great deals including migration deals and partnership deals with major companies, one of which is Disney. These deals accelerate the company’s growth and development, which helps developers come up with and implement new ways to migrate production content to the cloud database.

Google Cloud Overview

When other cloud servers were starting to gain traction, Google Cloud was still too fresh a development to compete with the rest. But already in 2019, the company has accelerated its growth and made much lucrative partnership deals with companies like VMware. Thus, the company significantly increased its annual revenues in a short period.

The company is constantly making useful updates, and some recent ones were the simplification of contract terms and conditions, as well as compliance certificates.

In addition, the company contains the most loyal prices on the market, which is very attractive to small and medium-sized businesses.

SalesForce Review

One of the reasons why SalesForce takes the leading position on the market is the fact that many of the most reliable banks in the U.S. and Europe use its services. All of these institutions trust the SalesForce provider because of its use of the latest technology in the CRM platform. In addition, it was the first company in the market to offer this service.

The vendor actively uses the AI feature in its development so that customers can better recognize the possibilities from their sales, which positively affects their earnings. Among the new developments that the supplier can boast of was the launch of the third-party AppExchange program, which helped developers sell their applications to Salesforce users.

Using the AVG Support Tool

AVG Antivirus is a reliable antivirus for protecting your PC that offers versatile functions and has excellent test results for virus detection response. In addition to paid services, it also includes a free version, but of course, the main advantages are in the paid service package. In this article, we’ll cover everything there is to know about AVG Antivirus including using the AVG Support Tool.

Is AVG antivirus safe?

AVG became the owner of the largest antivirus company Avast in 2016, so it uses similar technologies in the fight against viruses. AVG perfectly detects and prevents viruses from entering your OS. The most recent testing showed excellent results and detected up to 99.9% of viruses, but at the same time, up to 20 false calls were triggered on the antivirus, and this still needs to be worked on.

AVG Capabilities

Below we will talk about the principle of operation of the AVG and its main functions.

  • Anti-theft phone tracker

With this function, if your phone is stolen or lost, you can easily find it. To configure this function, you must set a PIN code on your phone and select which account to apply this function to, then go to and get permission to control your phone from a distance.

So, you can remotely delete important data from the phone, or change its password, and if you are a paid user, even more, useful functions will be available to you (for example, a sound siren).

  • Protection of confidential data

This feature is available only in a paid package and protects your files by controlling access to them. Thus, if a cybercriminal wants to steal your data, he still cannot get to it. There is also an automatic scan function that will mark your files as “very important” and then all applications will have the most limited access to them.

  • Detection of phishing threats based on artificial intelligence

As a rule, phishing sites use the same structure and principle of operation, and it will not be difficult for artificial intelligence to detect them. AWG does this by checking the domain meta information, and it happens the moment you load the page.

  • Protection against malware

AVG is very careful about virus detection and has multi-layered protection. If the virus manages to bypass the upper level, the antivirus launches a scan from which it is so easy to escape. The only drawback is that the scanning process is too long, and although the developers promised to fix it, there are no changes so far.

Using the AVG Support Tool

The AVG support tool helps you check your device for problems and even gathers the necessary documents to send them to technical support. How to use it:

  • Download (AVG) avast support tool from the official website
  • Run the tool and accept all licenses, then the tool will start collecting data from your PC
  • After the scanning process, click “continue” and following the instructions, fill in the fields with your data
  • To the tool could collect the files it needs, click “create”, wait a few minutes and everything will be ready
  • Before the next use of the program, write down the file ID and its location on your computer
  • Click done and exit the program

How to reset Google wifi

Recently google wi-fi is facing more connection problems and, users couldn’t help but notice it. But connection problems are not the only reason you may need to reset your google wifi router. You might be having trouble logging in or just want it back. Either way, in this article, we’ll look at how to properly reset any google wi-fi without harming your system and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How to Reset Google WIFI Router – Getting Started

Before you start resetting your router, it is worth making sure that it is connected to the network, because otherwise, you won’t be able to do it. Check that the device is plugged in,and if it is connected to the network, the horizontal bar in the middle of the router will be lit.

How to understand the connection status of your Router:

  • As mentioned earlier, the glowing bar in the center of the router will mean that the device is on, but if it is not lit, but everything is connected to the outlet do not panic, you may have reduced or turned off the brightness of the light bulb through the Google Home app
  • If you see an intermittent white light on your router that means it’s booting up, wait a few moments until it’s fully on before resetting
  • If the white stripe is clear and uninterrupted, it means that the device is fully on and ready to work (resetting in our case)
  • When the device is in a reset state, the light will glow yellow
  • If you see the google wi-fi light on red, it means nothing else but a system error, and the router needs to be rebooted

You can also check the connection of the device through the Nest app. It is only necessary to go to the application and see the list of active devices, if among them will be the name of your router, then everything is fine.

Reset router – method #1

There are two methods of resetting Google Wi-Fi, and below we will tell you about the method using the reset button. It is the fastest and easiest, and it will work best if we can’t see our router in the list of networks in the Home app.

To use the hardware reset button, look for the reset button on your router, it’s on the bottom of the device, and it’s usually the only one there, so you can’t go wrong. When you are 100% sure  your router is linked to the mains push and keep the button pressed for 10 seconds. You’ll see that the process has started when the bar on the router turns yellow. Wait until the bar stops glowing and turns a clear yellow, and release the reset button.

It’s important not to hold the reset button too long, but if it does happen you need to unplug the router then plug it back in and wait about a minute before trying again. The reset process itself takes about 10 minutes, and when it is finished the bar on the device will turn white again.

Reset Router – Method #2

The second method is a reset using the home app, to do so:

  • Log in to the Google Home app via your mobile device
  • Look for your WiFi Router in the list of others and click on it. Then tap “Settings.”
  • Go to the “Factory Default Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings” tab, and then to “Factory Reset Settings”
  • Confirm your action, and the reset process will start